Shipping Cases
These Shipping Cases are available in different specifications from low profile to high utility ones. They are designed with foam interiors, casters and pull handles as per the needs.
Polyethylene Packing Boxes
These recyclable and eco friendly Polyethylene Packing Boxes are shock, abrasion and water proof in nature to provide guaranteed safety to the goods.
LLDPE Boxes is designed with excellent UV and reliable chemical resistant properties to ensure to provide complete safety to the goods. High degree of flexibility ensures to enhance the installation around different shapes and geometries.
Military Box & Cases
These durable Military Box and Cases are designed using heavy-duty copolymer polypropylene compound. They easily withstand the effects of water, chemicals, humidity as well as dust to ensure long lasting life.
Ammunition Cases
Ammunition Cases are widely used in military and other defense sectors for keeping the ammunition safe as well as protected. They are provided in durable design with rust-proof coating.

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