Company Profile

Our Objectives

We are working with the objective to transform the current poor packaging methods such as cardboard, FRP & metal boxes etc. by introducing light weighted and environment friendly Polyethylene molded transit cases/boxes.We ensure safety, easy storage & transportation of the goods.  

Our Vision

To provide world class packaging solutions especially to the defense sector, so as to protect their war equipment & accessories from different kind of damages.  

Our Mission

By adopting latest manufacturing methodologies, systems and equipment, we want to fulfill our vision that will make the toughest journey of the soldiers & army forces more easier. 

Our Activities

Our organization is engaged in manufacturing and supplying transit cases/boxes that are mainly used in the defence sector to safeguard the expensive military equipment like communication devices, medical instruments, electronic item, video navigational equipment Armaments, Missiles, Explosives and Avionic item etc. 

Why to choose A-One Safety cases?

  • At A-One Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., our cases go through rigorous Testing in our in-house laboratory.
  • Our packaging cases/boxes disperse the energy of the shock through the surface rather than transmitting it to the inside area of the cases. Hence, these cases keeps the military equipment more intact and functional.
  • A-One brand perfectly defines quality and durability, thus, we can proudly say that our company provides additional power to the army forces.

Salient Features 

  • Can be tailor made for various different applications. No health hazards.
  • Can withstand -25C to +70C without any distortion.
  • Corrosion & Fungus Resistant, water, crush and dust proof.
  • Easy to do bulk production within a short time duration.
  • For use in high altitudes.
  • Light Weight due to low density of raw material.
  • Open cell core with solid wall design. Installed with comfortable rubber molded handle.
  • Packing cases/boxes can be stacked vertically one over other to save storage space.
  • Perfect and good substitute for Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Cardboard, Metal & other packing materials.
  • Available in various colors.

Optional Attachments

  • Have special marking like engraving and screen printing.
  • We also provide tailor made foam inserts with different types of foam that are used for various applications such as lifting wheels, belts and hooks, if the customer requires.

Company Advantage 

A-One Cases

Wood Cases

FRP Cases

Shock Proof.

Not Shock Proof

Not Shock Proof.

High Quality Finishing

Poor Finish

Moderate Finish

Re usable.

Not Reusable

Not Reusable




Light Weight.

Heavy weight

Low Weight & Easily Breakable

Can be Stacked One Over the Other above by Special Design Hence Occupies Less Space

Not Possible

Not Possible

Recyclable Plastic.
Hence Eco Friendly

Destroys Trees and Forests.

Hazardous Chemicals and Used

Corners are Extra Reinforced.

Corners are joined hence weak

Corners are Thin hence Weak

Specially Made Stainless Steel Latches.

Ordinary Latches.

Ordinary Latches are Prone to Corrosion


Non Antistatic

Not Antistatic.


Not UV Resistant.

Not UV- Resistant

Available in Various colors

Natural Color Only

Limited Options.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive array for product research and development
  • Customized solutions
  • Professional project management
  • Projects from concept to production and launch


A One Cases - Size Range

Inner Size LXBXH - In mm

Outer Size LXBXH - in mm



520'x 440'x180+70








General size tolerance applicable is 5 mm. We also manufacture / customize the packing boxes/cases as per sizes required by the customers.
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